The Tidal Sleep
Preorder 'Be Kind' at TCM records!

Saturday, Aug. 18th

The Tidal Sleep started in 2011 with no intentions to become your favourite rock'n'roll band. We're still doing what we want to do and that's a good thing. We drive around in a van to hang out with amazing people (you) and to play shows for amazing people (you). We also still like to sleep on floors (sometimes; propably your floors, too). Apart from that we also sometimes rehearse and write songs to release new EPs and Albums on This Charming Man Records in Münster.

With that being said: We have a new EP coming out in September. It's called "Be Kind". It has 4 songs on it. And this will close our "Be Water" chapter to make room for new adventures. You can preorder it NOW! We'll be on tour from early October on for a couple days. Don't be shy, swing by and say hi!

Much love,